5 Simple Steps To Avoid Getting SCAMMED :(

So, you get a call or email saying that your credit card, bank or online merchant account is frozen due to “suspicious” activity. To re-open your account, you must verify your account info over the phone, or by clicking on a link. When this happens, follow these 5 simple steps to avoid getting scammed:

Step #1: Don’t panic! Always think “Hmm, this could be a scam!”

Step #2: If phone call – hang up immediately and don’t say good bye! If email – do not click on anything in the email and move it to your deleted folder.

Step #3: Make note of the card company, bank or online merchant in question.

Step #4: Call the card company or bank in question and ask if there is a freeze on your account(s). If not, you are safe. If there is a problem, they will help you fix it.

Step #5: If an online merchant, try logging into your account. If you get in and everything looks normal, you are safe. If you can’t, call or email the merchant to resolve the problem.

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