AfterBurner Media

Creative Audio & Video Editing

While ABM does not offer event recording, we CAN help you create your audio and video presentations! Once you have your source material (video, audio and/or photos), we can edit them to create powerful presentations just the way you want them.

Because every project is unique, pricing for projects requiring audio and/or video editing are set by one of the following: 

– Hourly Rate – $45/hour*

– Project Rate – A one-time, total fee set once the project requirements are specified.

*Hourly rate does not include storage media or device.  Costs for CDs, DVDs, USB drives or portable hard drives are extra, depending on the format type and storage space required.
  ABM reserves the right to decide which pricing rate will be used for any project. 

Additional Options:

The cost for additional copies is $9 per CD & $10 per DVD and includes a thin/clear case and black text on white matte label.  Labels are not stickers but are bonded to the DVD so they will not come loose.